We've Redesigned Our Website

We've just launched a new version of our website. The original site was designed before the advent of responsive web design and we have been spending all of our time working on client websites while neglecting our own. The new version of the website was built during my spare time and took about two months in total to build. 

We started with a blank canvas and re-built the entire site from the ground up. The previous website was just a static site that was not compatable for viewing on handheld devices so it was very important that the new site incorporated a responsive aspect into the design. The result is a fully responsive website that looks good on desktop computers as well as mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

While building the new site, we decided to include a blog as one of the new features. This added an extra challenge as we wanted to completely hand code it ourselves and avoid the easy option of doing a WordPress blog. By building our own custom blog, it afforded us more opportunity to get the design we wanted as opposed to trying to fit our design into a pre-built template. This gives the entire website a seamless look and transition between the blog and the main website.

The inclusion of the blog into the project also gave us the opportunity to add more features to our custom built, in-house content management system. The new version of the content management system integrates the option to create, edit and delete blog posts alongside the existing sytstem for the control of pages.

Overall, we're extremely happy with the way the new website has turned out and hope that it will prove to be a useful source of information for our current and future clients.

Be sure to check back for more news and updates.


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