Image Optimization

Any photograph or graphic used on a website should be optimized for the web. This means that the photographs for your new website should be compressed down to a size that will not delay the loading of the individual web page. This process does not necessarily mean reducing the dimensions of the image but instead reducing the size of the file. If visitors to your website have to wait for any length of time for a page to load, there is a high probability that they will click away from your site.

This is a process we undertake when preparing any images for inclusion in a web site. Any images used on a site will inevitably have to be resized to fit within a given area of the page. While we are preparing images for a site, we take the time to ensure that the image is compressed to the smallest possible file size without losing quality and also make sure that all photos are enhanced so that the colours appear vibrant and appealing to the eye.

When it comes to product images, you don't want anything else in an image to distract the viewer from the product itself. In cases like this, we will manipulate the image to remove everthing from the background and leave the product in focus against a neutral background.

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